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Are You Making Progress In The Gym?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

When I think about progress I think about the song from Queen. “I want it all and I want it now.”

Be honest, you’ve felt this way before, right?

If so, you aren’t alone. No one wants to wait to lose 15lbs or have ripped abs. I want to hit my goals NOW!

In the era of seeing everyone’s best side on social media, it’s so easy to compare ourselves to someone else and feel like we aren’t making progress because we don’t immediately look like them. And each day that passes we get more frustrated wondering, “Why and I not lean/fit/strong already?”

We often only consider our progress when we’ve reached our end goals but that causes us to miss out on all the encouraging signs that are along the way. We also often miss out on recognizing some life changing non-physical results.

Here are some really cool things I’ve heard my clients mention that I think is awesome progress:

-“I don’t have GI issues anymore”

-“My clothes fit better”

-“I had to make my watch one notch smaller”

-“I don’t feel sluggish during the day”

-“I have energy to play with my kids after work”

-“I don’t have cravings anymore”

-“I got my first strict pull up”

-“I just set a new deadlift PR”

-“I’m not eating out as much”

-“I started working out again”

-“I’m more active”

-“I feel more confident shopping at the grocery store”

-"I have more awareness about what I’m eating”

-“I’m eating more consistently and snacking less”

Many of these are easy to not recognize! I start each meeting with my clients asking what their “wins” were for the week so we don’t pass over these seemingly small victories.

So maybe you are doing better than you think!

Maybe you are right on track!

Maybe if you keep this up you’ll be right where you want to be.

If not, and you feel stuck, send me a message! Let’s talk and figure out a plan that will help you look and feel your best!

-Coach Duncan

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