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Are Carbs Bad?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The macronutrient that causes us to get fat. The villain in our nutrition story. The bane of the Keto diet's existence. Carbs!!

Wait, is all that true? No. no, and yes to the keto part.

We've all seen it. Someone orders the hamburger without the bun, sushi without the roll, dessert without the taste so you know they are trying to lose weight because cutting carbs = fat loss, right?

Not necessarily. You can achieve fat loss with low carb, high carb, or a balanced diet. Now, I don't like to use blanket statements such as "Carbs are good for everyone" or "Carbs will make you fat". These statements ignore our diversity as people, biological complexity and the overall bigger picture. Low carb may work well for one person but not for another.

Low carb diets do and can work, especially if we need to lose weight quickly. But keeping carbs too low for too long can cost us while an appropriate level of carbs can help us function at our best long term.

Restricting your carbs too much can lead to decreased testosterone, mood, cognitive function while increasing cortisol levels and muscle catabolism (breakdown).

Speaking from personal experience, the clients I've worked with that wanted to try a low carb diet felt more sluggish during the day, more soreness from workouts, and more moody.

So, let me re-emphasize. Carbs are not bad. Food doesn't have morality. Yes, you can gain weight eating too many carbs just as you can gain weight from eating too much of anything. I'm not saying go crazy with cookies and pasta as your carbs either. Remember, veggies are carbs too! Eating the right amount of quality carbs can add to your life and make your diet more sustainable.

I'll leave you with one last thing...a few carb choices from the shopping lists I send to my clients right when they sign up to work with me.

Whole Grains:

-brown or wild rice


-oats (steel cut or old fashioned)


-non-Greek yougurt, plain

-Kefir, plain

Beans and Legumes:



-beans (all)




-Dried, unsweetened

Starchy Tubers:

-Potatoes (all colors)

-Sweet potatoes (all colors)

I provide my clients with the support, guidance, and accountability they need to feel and look their best. Email or text me for a free consult!

-Coach Duncan

McNair Health and Fitness

Source: "Carb Controversy: Why low-carb diets have got it all wrong." By Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD

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